days like this

There was a gust, once
on a dark and lovely day
and I felt like finally, finally it’s over
finally I can rest
finally think
finally breathe.

I felt myself gearing up to take a breath
(a real one this time,
breathing in the feeling of
finally being safe)
and I put all my hope into it
and it put all it had into me.

We had only just started
and maybe I took too much, too fast
or maybe it gave me more than it had
but either way, that gust has gone, and it
must have tried but it
must have failed
because now
the sun is everywhere and I can’t hide.

Days like this make it hard to believe in autumn.


Now You Know


            You felt it on the way there; the pull, the draw. The almost, the nearly, the soon. But now you’re there, and now you’re sure.
            The trees know your name. The leaves and the flower petals fall at your feet, welcoming you with pinks and yellows and browns. The rain, as it shimmers down, whispers to you in the language of the sky from where it came, a language you didn’t know until you heard it. The sky and the rain and the trees and the flowers and the air and the dirt beneath your feet; they all speak it, and they speak it to you.
            And now you’ve heard it.
            Now you know.